Project 8

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker


This is my last game project on the game assembly. We are making a game with "Captain Toad Treasure Tracker" as our reference game. Its still in a really early state so there is not much to show but there are a few things.

Contributions so far

  • Third person camera. I've worked a lot on the camera this game. I tried to see how the camera worked in the reference game in every scenario. It seems like their camera is located outside the level and they change the fov to zoom in. Because of this the camera will never clip through walls and will always be behind every prop. At first i made a camera that could either focus on the player or the level center and could zoom in and out.

  • I've also made enemies that are copies of the reference games shyguys which are the most common enemies in that game. They patrol between points in a area. If the player is inside their zone and they see the player they will chase the player. If they lose track of the player they will go back to patrolling. The video in the bottom of this page shows the enemy I made.

The video above shows the first iteration of the third person camera i made​.

The video above shows the second iteration. I made the camera follow the player if the player went to far position the camera was look at. It also follow the player in its Y axis.

The video above shows the enemy i made.