Cyber Rescue: Virus Eruption

Spline based arcade racer


This was my fifth game project on the game assembly. We made a spline based arcade racer. The gameplay loop was that you had a timebar that was constantly going down and you had to pick up orbs that increased the timer. If you could make it to the end without running out of time you won the level.


  • I implemented FMOD in our engine. I made audio components and i was constantly changing it to adapt to all the new audio features I created in the game. I also added all audio events in the game.

  • I created the menus: Main menu, pause menu, level select, credits. I also exposed all the values in a json file that our artists could use. I also added parallax to the menus so that our artist could make a moving background.

  • I created the interface for our transform.

  • I implemented our statestack that i made in the previous project. I changed it a lot to match our needs.

  • I added audio feedback. For example, you could hear a beeping sound when the timebar was low and the less time you had the faster the beeps played.